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FMCG Factories & Distributers

In a very competitive market environment , fulfilling the client needs with the best economic tools and processes is the secret of a sustainable business model. Logistics Mind is the right smart tool to win in this competition

Construction Material Factories  

With many construction sites, moving construction materials , teams and trucks  has a great effect on construction projects plans and cost equations. Logistics Mind planner and FMS help in controlling such challenges


Agrifood Companies & Distributers 


Distributing and delivering the agrifood is a very critical operational process.  Time and transportation conditions and service time affects directly on the cost and quality and here the role of Logistics Mind comes to the seen.


Pharmaceutical Factories & Distributers 

Handling the Ad hoc needs of tens of thousands of pharmacies requests  or even patients is a key element in achieving a profitable business model or not. Realtime Logistics Mind Module is the right tool for this.

Oil & Gas Companies & Distributers 


Maintaining daily work environment problems and planning for building the right crew with its tool to handle it is a mandatory success criteria factor  for this industrial platform performance. Logistics Mind provides an accurate  tool for this 

Distribution Services

Logistics Mind teams work closely with different distribution services providers ( Bank documents,  Ecommerce , Delivery, etc..  ) to craft innovative solutions for their business using Logistics Mind Platform and Tools

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