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Smart Plans

Logistics Mind is an innovative platform that automates your products, services, and teams’ decisions. It adds the power of AI at your hand smartly and smoothly to help you to operate and to make the right decisions


Many companies neglect the dispatching planning parameters other than Time and Distance and miss many profits opportunities accordingly

Crafted for different Business Stories 


Smart dispatching is not just loading requests and orders into the planning engine. It is about the good business analysis and applying the best proper models and scenarios for it in the reality life cycles   


AI based Multidimensional Engine

Smart and AI based engine that takes in consideration the most effecting elements in dispatching planning process which convert a real loss in the operation processes into assured profits 


Integrable with other running platforms

Smart Integrable plat form even with other mobile application business platforms . Through standard interfaces the client is still able to capitalize on his running platforms to unify the single view for mintoring and control approach


Dynamic Business Analysis 


Beside the predefined reports i the system ,the system enables the users to create specialized business oriented reports  through the integration with the planning engine  or by using the dynamic reporting engine 


Dynamic Route

Planning and Optimization

Start Optimizing your Delivery Routes‎ and Schedules

Comprehensive Supply Chain Planner 

It is not only about smart planning taking in consideration all of the parameters required for and efficient product or services delivery process. It is also about real time -on the ground- feedback smart data gathering  mobile application to monitor the current running plans and to handle the critical situation gaps at smartly


Smart Optimization Algorithm 

The System Engine depends on algorithms specialized for resources best  utilization optimization 

Easy Integrable Platform

Smooth Integration interface through API , Webservices and even CSV Files

Highly Secure

Secure Platform on both communication protocol level ( SSL ) and on database level  

Cloud and On Premises 

The solution is available on different architecture . cloud version and on premises version 

Smart and Dynamic Reporting 

Smart dynamic predefined reports are available. Besides , the engines enables clients from creating their own reports through the integration with BI tools and platforms 

Customer Support

Ready team is available to support any customer user cases and enquiries 

Sclabale for Business

Scalable platform to work with complex and high sized business data streams or data batches

Domain Oriented Versions

Special solution instance could be crafted for specific industries' needs 


Logistics Mind Software


7 % to 10 % 


In logistics costs

8% to 15 % 


In Time or Distance 




In Customer Satisfaction


Logistics Mind In Numbers


How It Works?

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